Friday, May 16, 2008

Marion/Harrison Street Prayer walk 5-15-8

This was our first night walking and praying in a new neighborhood in our city.We are praying and walking up and down the streets of our city. I am posting these reports of what happens on our evenings of street ministry. I bought a Radio Flyer Wagon to pull along behind us as we walk. That is kind of our trademark for people to recognize us by.

Terry Wallin, Melissa Wolfinger, and I handed out fliers in the Marion/Harrison Streets neighborhood this evening. It was quite cool and overcast, but for the weather we still had a very very good response. I only made 200 fliers and we ran a little short, even with the few people out. I'm going to need 250 minimum here also just like Middlebury Street.

We prayed with numbers of people. At two different homes on Marion there were quite a large group, 8-10 teens playing catch, listening to rap music, etc. We handed out our fliers and Bible verse cards telling them we were going to be doing this regularly each Thursday evening. We were there to pray for the neighborhood and to pray for any individuals who had a request for something from God. At the first group a young man requested healing for his body and a young lady asked for God to make a way for her brother Duane to be able to come home from Milwaukee. At the second house two young men asked for the Lord to help them find jobs and one young man asked for God to give him direction for his life.

It is just amazing. To walk up to those groups of young people, you would not think there would be any positive response at all, but a number of them were very open, making deep sincere eye contact with me. . . there was/is a hunger.

I saw/met a number of people I know from the jail. Melissa just loves talking and giving Bible verse cards to the children. Terry really enjoys praying and pulling the wagon.

On Harrison we passed two grade school children maybe 4th & 5th graders, finishing their dinner on their porch steps, just really a mere foot or two from the sidewalk. I had kind of passed them by, going on to the next house when Melissa called me back. The young boy wanted prayer for his mother. I got a prayer cloth out and we anointed it and were praying over it with the young boy and his sister, when the mother came over from a neighbors house with some concern not knowing who we were or what we were doing. She wanted to know what church we were with and what faith, etc. I told her that we were Christians, Pentecostal and that her son had requested prayer for her herniated disk in her back. I think she was a little touched by that. You could tell that she very much felt uncomfortable with us, maybe not scared anymore, but still quite uncomfortable and she pretty quickly left back to the neighbors house. We finished praying for her and I made to leave and the little girl let me know she was a little miffed. She said something like, "Excuse me!. . . I have a request too!. . ." It was pretty cute. Anyway, her sister has scoliosis and she wanted a prayer cloth and prayer for her sister. We sent up wonderful prayers on behalf of this young boy and his sister for their Sister and Mom. We told them to put the prayer cloths in their pillow cases. . .

We passed one section of Harrison Street where the smell of burning marijuana was thick in the air. There were people doing drugs out in their back yard. I went and gave a flier to this lady who had just finished smoking a joint I'm pretty sure. Nearby, Melissa led us over to a basketball hoop on an alley south of Harrison where there were 10 or so young people tossing a basketball around and shooting. We were pretty much out of fliers by this time. Terry had some little tracts with him that we gave out to the young people.

We bought drinks in the little grocery store and ice cream from a man vending with a little cart. . .we gave fliers and Bible verse cards out in both places.

Anyway, it was a really grand night, especially for the first night out and such a cool night.

Melissa also wants to help make up the fliers. . .

Thank you my Lord for this abundance. . .

Dave Stokely

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