Friday, August 22, 2008

Neighborhood prayer walk - 8-21-8

Marion/Harrison Street

Terry Wallin and I had a great night tonight.

We spent a while, as usual talking to Cigar Bob. He'll be coming to church again on Sunday. He was touched. He thought the service last Sunday was wonderful. We are trying to get Bob come clothes. He has been wearing the same clothes, without changing them for the almost 5 months that I have known him (and undoubtedly for far longer than that). I brought some clothing bought at Goodwill, over earlier in the week, but they were the wrong sizes. I've told Bob that when we get him some new clothes, we can pick up his dirty laundry on Thursday when we come by and drop off fresh things on Friday.

I was over to Bob's earlier this week and his friend George (who is in his 90's) was laying on the porch, with completely soiled pants, from waist to ankle, from his urine, His hands were so covered with nicotine that they looked literally like they had been dipped in chocolate. I do not think he can have had a bath in more than five years. We must to do something for these men. I believe we are commanded by Jesus to get involved in their lives, these men are our neighbors. . . It's obvious they do not have family to care for them.

The lady shopkeeper is also attempting to help them. She gives them food and other items from her store on a regular basis. We spent a long time, last night, talking with her about the situation. She is willing, and has offered to them, to pay for a nurse to come in once a week and give them baths, etc, if we can gain their trust to do this. So far they have refused, but Bob is softening. She is seeing a change in him. She said that Bob and George come over to her store and have roaches crawling on them. A few days ago, she saw a roach crawl out of George's ear. . .

Bob gave me the wrong sizes for his clothing. He tried what I brought on. It didn't fit and now I think he needs 40 waist x 32 inseam pants and XL shirts. Tonight I'm going to again attempt to buy some stuff for him at Goodwill. A friend of mine, Jim Runyon, from Calvary Assembly of God told me of a program they have where they have clothing for people in need. It's open once a month, I think the second Sunday. I'm going to take Bob over there next month.

Please join with us in praying for God to open Cigar Bob and George's hearts to accept the help that we are trying to offer them.

The neighborhood is changing. We had a couple stop us on the sidewalk and enthusiastically tell us about the improvements that they have made to their house. It was a filthy rundown mess when they came a month or so ago. They have cleaned up and painted, etc. and others in the neighborhood have begun making similar improvements to their homes. They are hoping/praying that the landlords of the neighborhood will see the changes that the people are making to their privately owned homes and follow suit by making improvements to the rental properties.

We anointed and prayed with so many wonderful people for jobs and relationship problems.

God is moving. . .

Thank you my God. . .

Dave Stokely

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