Thursday, August 14, 2008

Neighborhood prayer walk - 8-14-8

Marion/Harrison Street

Terry Wallin and I walked and prayed in the Marion/Harrison Street neighborhood tonight. A good number of people were out. We talked and prayed with many people.

Our first regular stop is always with Cigar Bob. He was very happy to see us after a week of our not coming by. We spent quite a long time talking with Bob. Sometimes he is very difficult to understand. I think I'm relating the following accurately, if there are mistakes blame my bad hearing and poor memory rather than Bob's telling. . .

I really got him going tonight when I asked him how long he had lived on Marion Street. My impression is that this has been somewhat the center of Bob's universe for his entire life. He has spent time at other locations, but he has always come back to Marion Street. He told us how he was living a couple of doors to the east from his present apartment, in a big white house in 1949 when he was 27 years old. He came home from work late one afternoon. His wife and I think he said his mother-in-law were there when he got home. There was some kind of commotion on the street near his house. His wife asked him to go see what was going on. There was an ambulance and several police cars in front of his house. There had been an accident of some kind. . . as Bob drew closer he saw the medics working on Terry, his five year old son, who was laying on the street. His neck was broken and he had two broken legs. Bob ran back to the house and told his wife to come quickly. Bob rode the ambulance to the hospital, holding his little boy's hand, taking away the fear from the eyes of his still conscious son. Bob said his son was able to rest holding his Daddy's hand. . .Terry died in surgery at the hospital that afternoon . There had been a high speed police chase and a police car had hit and killed his son. Bob did not hold the policemen responsible at all. I think Bob said it was a man named Cooper who was running from the police and resulted in the chase. . .Bob talked about Terry, about what a special little boy he was. . .Not long after this Marion and Harrison Streets were changed to one-way streets. What a sad thing. . . we anointed and lifted up prayers to God for Bob. . .what a sad thing. . .

We talked with the lady shopkeeper and her wonderful children for quite a little while.

We talked and prayed with numbers and numbers of people. You can very much tell that the sun is setting earlier than a month ago. It won't be long until we have trouble getting through the neighborhood before dark.

We anointed and prayed with the Pentecostal lady over on Harrison street for a job. She was so happy to see us. We anointed a prayer cloth for another lady who desires to quit smoking. We anointed a young man who needs a job. . . lots and lots of people. . I'm too tired. I can't remember them all, many many children gleefully took our fliers and cards. Kids saw us walking on the other side of the street and waved to us. Police officers offered friendly waves as they drove by in their squad cars. . .It is a very nice thing.

Terry and I over and over again tonight just kept repeating what a wonderful time this was, a tremendous evening, what a blessing it is to be out doing work like this. Just good things are going on all over. . . It is such a special time walking the streets and talking with people about the power of God. . .


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