Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Neighborhood Prayer Walk 8-12-8

Middlebury Street

We had a great night tonight. I started out alone, but Melissa Wolfinger was able to join me for a short time, before having to leave to get ready for work. She was going to KIK (the old Accra Pac) for the late night shift tonight through Forge Staffing. That surely was a blessing. Let us keep her in our prayers for this job opportunity to continue.

Stopped at Zoe and David's, a few doors from Life Tabernacle. Zoe and Cathy Maldonado (who lives right next to LTC) came to church Sunday. We talked a little about that. Zoe was quite intimidated by our speaking in tongues. She very much enjoyed the prayers, the worship service and preaching Sunday. Cathy and Zoe have a funeral home viewing tomorrow night, but plan on being at church on Sunday. David has skin cancer behind his ear and a number of tumors all over his head. He needs surgery. They can use our continued prayers.

Talked and prayed with lots of people all up and down the street. Talked with several people about the kids experience at VBS. It was very much a positive reaction.

Prayed with two young boys in the apartment, maybe 11 or 12 years old. The one wanted prayer for his mother. Her back has been hurting her. I explained to him about a prayer cloth and he said that he would like that for her. His friend and he and I joined hands together in prayer over an anointed prayer cloth. Next his friend also wanted a cloth for his mother. She is having some problems with her mouth. Again we joined together and prayed over a cloth for his mom. Very nice young boys. It was so sweet. . .and so very very powerful seeing them praying for their mothers. What a wonderful thing that was. Prayed with another young man for his grandmother, Patricia Shepherd who is in the hospital in Chicago and prayed over another prayer cloth for another man whose father Mr. Mitchell is in Elkhart General Hospital. This man was very touched by the prayer and prayer cloth. . .

Lots of people wanted to know when our service times are. . .

I got down on Aspenwald just in time to watch as a fire engine and an ambulance pulled up in front of Tina and Loretta's house. I watched Loretta carry her young child, James, onto the ambulance. Apparently he had fallen very hard and had a nasty bruise/cut on his head. Their front yard was just full of people. Bob (formerly Nancy's boyfriend was over there), he and I talked for a few moments.

I met a very nice young man maybe 10 years old. He wanted to help pass out fliers. I felt just such a sweet spirit about him. I gave him a Bible. I wrote some words of Spiritual encouragement and signed and dated the inside front cover. He is such a nice boy. His name is Jason.

You know, it wasn't too many years ago, I can remember talking with people and our bemoaning the fact that (other than Rodney & Yalonda) there was no one from a mile radius around the local neighborhood who attended LTC. That is not true any more. I talked to numbers of people tonight who are coming to church with us. One lady, and I am so ashamed to have forgotten her name, waited for me at a stop sign to come up the block and approach her vehicle. She wanted a flier. She smiled as she said, "I'm a collector of these." She told me her name and said that she'd see me in church Sunday.

It was a wonderful wonderful night. . .

Dave Stokely

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