Monday, April 7, 2008

Some of the Advantages of being a Christian

  1. Only Jesus can forgive sins: Luke 5:20-24
  2. Going to heaven rather than hell: Revelation 20:11-15
  3. Having a peace within us that is not available in any other way: Philippians 4:7
  4. God is with us always, whatever we go through: saiah 43:2
  5. He provides for our needs: Matthew 6:28-34
  6. No matter what we face, it is going to work out in the end: Romans 8:28
  7. We have power: Acts 1:8
  8. He answers our prayers: 1 John 3:22
  9. Our relationship with God is the closest, most loving relationship we can have: Proverbs 18:24
  10. Our lives are now filled with good things ~ love, joy, peace. . .: Galatians 5:22
Living for God is not about being religious. It is not about following a bunch of rules and being able to congratulate yourself on how good you are and how bad everyone else is. It is above everything else, a love affair with Jesus. . . a life long loving relationship with someone who knows every hidden thing about you and loves you anyway. And as a result of that relationship, having the power to live your life in victory, unafraid of any man or any thing. . . being able to face the tests that come against you in life, knowing, that He is standing with you!!! It is all about loving God and living for Him. I now want to do those things, that before I knew Him, I looked upon as terrible restrictions on my freedom. I want to do what ever it takes to make Jesus happy. I am in love with Him and He loves me beyond my ability to understand. This isn't boredom. This isn't dull. This living for Jesus is life at its best. This Christian life, is a life filled with tremendous joy and peace and power. . .

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