Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Prayer Walk 4-15-8

We are praying and walking up and down the streets of our city. I am posting these reports of what happens on our evenings of street ministry. I bought a Radio Flyer Wagon to pull along behind us as we walk. That is kind of our trademark for people to recognize us by.

Terry Wallin and I had a good night tonight handing out fliers. We talked to lots of people, nothing really too spectacular. Lots and lots of kids wanted Bible verse cards. I handed out around a 100 little cards in addition to the approx. 250 fliers. We talked to a big number of teenage kids. A number of people were waiting for us to come by. One lady in particular went out of her way to approach us in the apartments on Prairie and Middlebury street. She wanted the latest flier. She said that she hangs them up in her apartment.

I told one lady in the apartments we would be praying for her. She gladly took the flier and Bible verse cards. She said that she knew that she needed Jesus in her life so much. I asked her if she wanted anointing and prayer right there. It was apparent that something was quite wrong. No, she didn't want prayer right them, but said that her life was just a terrible mess and that she was just totally stressed out. She was really in anguish over something. I told her that I/we would be praying for her. I told her that I would ask God to please give her a hug tonight. . .I told her to talk to Him. . . tell Him everything. . .

I forgot to get prayer cloths to take tonight. I really want to try and remember them. I think that is a nice non-threatening way of praying for someone and letting them take the prayer cloth back to their home. I want to make sure I have them with me next week.

I'm really wondering if Saleh's grocery store isn't closed down for good. Maybe they are just on a long vacation or something, but the sign in the barricaded door says they are remodeling since April 1st. I don't know. That really is somewhat of a hardship for many of the considerable number of neighborhood residents who do not have cars. They now must either walk to Martin's on Jackson or Dollar store or Village Pantry, a considerable ways anyway. We put the big red wagon to use tonight. . . :) There was a quite elderly, in her mid-late sixties anyway, Hispanic lady really burdened with four large plastic bags filled with two gallon jugs of water, a large jug of orange juice, toilet paper, light bulbs and lots of other miscellaneous stuff. We were almost done & back to Life Tabernacle when we spotted her across the street. She might have thought she was being mugged. I don't know what she thought. Her stuff was really very heavy and the bags were cutting into her hands. She spoke no English, but we took her groceries put them in the wagon and followed her as she led us to her apartment back up Middlebury Street a couple of blocks. One English phrase she did know was, "How much?". I used one of the few Spanish phrases that I know, "Glory a Dios". . .I think it means "Glory to God". That was pretty cool. That was a lot of fun. . .

Again we saw the same lady that we know from the jail. I think I've seen her almost every Tuesday that we've been out. This time, I really kind of gently preached to her a little. . .she knows. . . . she knows. . . she knows. . .pray for her please.

Chatted with Stacy and her son, catty corner to LTC. I haven't seen her for almost a year, but she and her kids have been to church a number of times over the past few years.

I think I really missed a number of opportunities to minister tonight. In hindsight, I think there were a number of people who would have talked and maybe opened up if I had been more sensitive to the leading of God's spirit. I think I need to do a better job of that.

This is so much fun, such a blessing. . .Terry and I ran a couple of errands after handing out the fliers and I saw people out all over the city. . . lots of opportunities for ministry. . .

Dave Stokely

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