Friday, April 4, 2008

Lives Impacted by Jesus

  1. A young innocent girl: Luke 1:26-34
  2. Wise men: Matthew 2:1-12
  3. Shepherds: Luke 2:8-20
  4. A fisherman: Luke 5:1-8
  5. A ruler of the Jews: John 3:1-21
  6. A woman doing her daily chores: John 4:6-39
  7. A dead man: John 11:1-44
  8. A betrayer: Matthew 27:3-5
  9. A thief: Luke 23:32:44
  10. An unbeliever: Acts 9:1-20

What does it mean to be a Christian? Many many people call themselves Christians because they believe that Jesus died for their sins. Is that belief enough? Is it only that belief that is necessary to save us from our sins? What did Jesus say? Go to the book of Matthew in the Bible chapter 7 verses 21-23. Jesus is talking here. Jesus says that simply knowing who He is, is not enough. He must know who you are. The way that He will recognize who you are will be by your actions, not by your beliefs. For someone to be your Lord, you must submit to them. They must be your ruler. You show that they are your ruler by doing what they say. For Jesus to be your Lord, you must do the things that He says to do.

In this passage Jesus says that many people are going to be very disappointed when they meet Him in person. He will not recognize them. He is speaking of people who thought themselves Christians. Do not be one of the disappointed. Do not fool yourself. You cannot be a Christian without having a proper relationship with Him and that means doing the things that Jesus says to do.

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