Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Neighborhood prayer walk - 6-10-8

Middlebury Street Neighborhood

We had a really great night tonight. It started out a little quiet. Terry was having dinner with his father and Melissa rushed to Elkhart from the other side of Goshen, so she was a bit late.

It was a wonderfully pleasant evening, many people were out working in their yards. I talked and prayed with a few people before Salah's Market. I was met by a young girl, maybe 8 years old and a friend who has been coming to Life Tabernacle for a while. I always give her a pile of last weeks fliers and Bible verse cards to hand out. It makes her feel special that she can help hand out the fliers also. Terry wasn't along (he jealously guards the wagon pulling task), so this young girl took the wagon handle from me and she and a friend began hanging fliers on door knobs and giving them to people on the sidewalk as we walked.

Apparently these two young girls were playing dress up without permission. They had on big tall boots from the girl I didn't know, from her house. As we passed, where she lived, her mother came out and made the girls take off the ritzy and very adult boots the girls were wearing. The girl ran back and gave her mother a card and a flier. Mom waved and said hello. She seemed OK with her daughter helping me. We were only a few doors from the market and I had told the girls I wanted to buy some bottles of water there. They wanted to hand out fliers and cards in the market and they thought it a pretty good idea if I bought them something while we were in there. I bought a couple of bottles of water for me and a couple of ice creams for my helpers. Just as we walked out Melissa walked up. Neither girl were allowed to cross the street so their helping was at an end. . . again Melissa showed up right at the right time.

It was just a blessed night. One young girl, maybe 8th, 9th, or 10th grade meets us every single week at the door of her house and takes the flier. She's the one who several weeks ago said her mother wanted to talk with us. Each week her mother is sleeping or tired or something. . .I don't know, but this girl loves speaking to us and praying. Again tonight she was there at the door waiting for us. Her mother wasn't home, but she called to her Auntie inside, asking if she wanted prayer for anything. . .the response from inside was 'no'. . ., but this girl wanted prayer. . . nothing specific that she wanted to share that she wanted prayer about. . . she just asked us to anoint her and pray for her. . . We anointed her and held her hands as we prayed on the sidewalk in the beautiful June sunshine. . .she just has such a sweet special heart. . . I prayed for the Lord to protect her, to anoint her life, to give her a hunger for His word, to open the Word of God for her great understanding . . . to help her be a mighty woman of God . . to raise up a godly man for her in the future to protect her and cherish her as she deserved. . .It was an amazingly powerful moment. . .

The evening was filled with very special moments. . . we gave a flier to a young girl maybe 10 years old in the apartments. She ran inside taking the flier with her. In a few moments the lady came out who we took to the jail to visit her husband last week. The girl who took the flier is his daughter. It has been a good week for this lady. Prayers have been answered. Things are working out in her life. They continue to pray each evening at 9:00 for their family. Wonderful hungry hearts for God. They may be at church Sunday. We anointed and prayed with them. . .

Just a few minutes after this we were surrounded by a little flurry of kids all wanting fliers and cards. They especially like just the multicolored string loops if I have any extra. I don't know what they do with them, just little trinkets that catch a kids eye, but a little girl, Riesha (I surely do not know how to spell that name) she said she was six years old, asked for us to pray with her. She had such a serious deep look about her. . . I nearly wept at her first words. I got down on my knees. . . "What is it darling??". . . she replied, "I feel worthless. . . .I don't feel like I'm worth anything. . ." What a bankrupt world we must live in where six year olds have no worth in their own eyes. . .I wept as I prayed with this precious child for Jesus to show this terribly solemn little girl how very much He loves her. I prayed for Him to talk to her and to give her Hugs. I told her we would be back next Tuesday and talk and pray with her again. . .she said that she doesn't know if she will be there or not. . .I cannot imagine. . .Thank you my God. . .I love you my Lord. . .

We stopped by Tina's house and spoke with them for a few minutes.

Terry called while we were on Aspenwald. His dinner with his father was over. He joined us shortly after calling us.

I anointed and prayed with a couple of men, in the midst of a group of their friends. . . we joined hands and prayed for them to get jobs. It was a very powerful time.

Zoe needed help getting her car to the repair shop. Terry and I followed her and brought her back after we finished at Penguin Point.

We prayed and talked with numbers of other people too many to remember. It was a very special night.

I love you my God. . .
I thank for this wonderful blessing. . .

Dave Stokely

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