Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Street Ministry 6-15-10

It was a very muggy evening last night. It wasn't overly hot, but the humidity was quite high. My shirt was just soaked with sweat by the time I was done. For the first part of my walk, it seemed so very quiet. I spoke with only a few people last night, but I refuse to be discouraged at that, for I'm planting seeds in many different ways. It only takes one seed to sprout and grow, to make the evening worth every effort.

The fliers are one form of seed, a kind word. . .a smile. . .a catching of the eyes. . .a mutual tear. . .joining hands in an offered prayer, are all seeds planted in hopes of finding good soil, sprouting and eventually bearing fruit. A great sequoia tree springs forth from a seed that is smaller than a flake of oatmeal. No fireworks span the sky upon the planting of a seed, which will someday grow into a tree 20 feet in diameter and over 300 feet tall. The planting goes unnoticed in the forest floor, but ages down the road, grand and glorious evidence stands of that day in which a tiny seed found good earth. . .

Met the man a couple of weeks ago, who had seemed shocked at my willingness to pray for a financial blessing for him. We were both going into the grocery store. I greeted him asking about the prayed for blessing. He warmly replied, met my eyes and shook my hand, told me that things were slowly, but steadily improving. I told him I would continue to pray for him.

I bought a couple of wonderfully cold bottles of water. What a grand blessing cold cold water is on a hot day.

Talked with quite a few people in the apartments. One lady testified that she had had shingles for over a year, before we prayed together 3 weeks ago. Since then they are completely gone. She is pain free for the first time in well over a year. . .thank you Jesus!!! A group of people were sitting around a picnic table in the River Run apartments, several drinking beer from large tall cans, wrapped in brown paper bags, others were eating Teens-for-Christ hot dogs from their weekly Tuesday evening cookout at the apartments.

I prayed with one man, at his request, in his words for deliverance from the trials and tribulations of life and another man listening, decided that he wanted prayer for his house. He said he was sure a demon lived there. I went to my little wagon, found a bottle of anointing oil. I gave it to him and explained to him how to anoint the walls of his home, and to lift up a prayer and ask to the protection of God upon his house. I anointed him and then we then joined hands at the picnic table and prayed for the protection of God on him. His name is Freddie. We have been talking on the sidewalk, greeting each other for a couple of years now. This is the first time I've ever prayed with him.

I handed out all of the VBS fliers that I had. I ran out in the apartments, so I didn't get to do much of Middlebury Street. I was disappointed the children near Life Tabernacle weren't out. I was a little later than usual. They may have been inside due to the lateness, or maybe because it was so humid.

It was a good evening. Like I said quiet, but still in recalling it and writing it down it was an evening to be greatly thankful for nonetheless. . .

Thank you my Lord. . .
Thank you my God. . .

Dave Stokely

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