Friday, June 18, 2010

As an Atheist. . .As a Christian

As an Atheist. . .As a Christian. . .
I had no moral certainty.I have absolute moral direction.
I had no sense of purpose for my life.I exist to love, to worship, to bring glory to God and secondly to love my fellow man.
I felt greatly alone.I am never alone. He stands beside me through my darkest hour.
I had pride in my honesty and righteousness, regardless how many promises I broke, or lies I told. I could convince myself that I was a good person, as long as I saw people doing worse things than I was.I cannot have pride. I know how far I fall short of true righteousness, for I follow He who never sinned. I require His grace and forgiveness when I fail.
I had trouble forgiving. I would hold grudges for months or even years.I must forgive, for I require forgiveness.
I was not happy. Happiness was forever receding into the future for some new goal and when that goal was achieved, disappointment soon arrived.I am filled with joy as long as I keep my eyes upon Him. Joy is only as far away as worship.
I had no peace. My mind was filled with turmoil and internal strife.I have great peace as I focus my mind on Him and upon His Word.
I was powerless.I have power. The Spirit of God resides in me.

To be continued. . .

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