Sunday, December 9, 2012

Go Ahead Be Afraid, But Don't Fear the Mayan Calendar Ending

After church today I ran a few errands. I went to Menards and bought some required handy man items for the house, then I went to Meijers did some grocery shopping, and finally to the pet store where I was pleasantly surprised to find the dog food we feed on sale, so I bought 3 bags vs the 2 I had been planning on.

Somehow carrying home 20 cans of tuna, 12 rolls of toilet paper, a couple of large bottles of dish soap, 4 tubes of tooth paste, and a large supply of dog food makes me feel rich. It's silly, but our dogs are our kids equivalent. . . and seeing their needs taken care of for a couple of months gives me comfort. Seeing a couple dozen cans of tuna, and toilet paper, and tooth paste on our pantry shelf give the illusion of preparedness in a small way.

We don't know what the future holds. We attended my grandson Jakub's 10th birthday party late yesterday afternoon, and several family members independently spoke to me through the evening about the end of the Mayan calendar, etc. and whether the world was soon to end.

As a firm believer of the Bible, I can say for certain that several years of prophesied events must take place before the battle of Armageddon could happen. We do not look to be on the cusp of those happenings yet, but our world even without the Mayan calendar ending is still a very dangerous place.

Society is so intertwined that an upheaval in one part of the world could very easily dramatically disrupt energy supplies, or periodically in history new diseases have arisen which have decimated large swaths of population. . .or civil insurrections can arise with little warning. . . political revolutions have taken place almost over night. . . surprise attacks have occurred throwing entire regions precipitously into war and hardship. . . a relatively small EMP weapon exploded over the eastern seaboard, would burn up every electric motor, cripple every car, computer, power generating facility from Florida, to Maine to the Mississippi River. . .It would be years and probably millions of deaths, before life returned to normalcy. We just do not know what tomorrow will bring.

Really the only constant is change. . . slow and inexorable. . . or rapid and traumatic, change is the only certainty and no matter the fortress you might build. . . no matter the doomsday vault you might prepare. . .our Lord is our only true safety.

There is no way to completely protect our flesh. No matter. . .ALL will one day breathe their last breath. Every heart will one day stop beating. . . whether due to war. . . or a terrorist attack. . .or famine. . . or an asteroid hitting the earth. . . or illness or accident. . . or disease. . . or the simple wearing out of our bodies due to old age.

We are all destined to die, and to face eternity based upon the choices we have made during this life. Our only safety is to find out what God requires for eternal salvation, and to ensure that we attain. . . and maintain. . .abide in that state until we draw our last breath. And then our worries vanish. . . for eternity.

No more troubles.
No more tears.
No more sickness.
No more pain.
No more fear.
No more saying goodbye. . .
for ever. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Don't fear the Mayan calendar ending.
Fear life ending for what ever cause and not being saved. . .

I love you my God. . .
I thank you my God for saving me. . .


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