Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Infinity at Each End of the Rainbow

I speak of no seen rainbow born of shining sun and drops of rain, but rather of the entire arc of heaven beneath which man resides. . . this spans from distant infinite beauty and glory and wisdom and power, to its nearer end, where is found a lesser infinity of unending unimaginable cruelty, darkness, and despair.

The longer I live, the more apparent it becomes that the ability of man to serve suffering and pain upon his fellows, and indeed upon all of his domain, is only limited by opportunity and available power. Mankind does continue to change and advance and achieve ever greater capacities, but rather than providing needed energy for increased illumination, perversely, against all hope, this added power only allows man to be able to commit greater blackness.

Each unimagined headline of man’s atrocities upon other men, is soon to be exceeded by some new grotesque and unholy hybrid of wicked human spirit and clever human invention. No. There is no pot of gold in that direction. . .only hopelessness is to be found where that arched leg touches the earth. . .

Betrayal and disappointment from human all institutions are not to be viewed as a fly in a bowl of soup, they are not the unexpected exceptions, but are rather the foundational stock of all human endeavors. Corruption resides innately within us all and the necessary arrival at this recognition represents passage from the innocence of childhood to a needed maturing of our world view.

The child weeps bitter tears at the injustices inflicted by the playground bully, but the bitterest tears well forth much later at the sickening recognition that this bully resides in us each without exception. We hated him so very fervently, when he shoved us down and stole our candy, but now with our discovery of his intimate residence within us, the brutal honesty of this awakening revelation requires that we likewise must necessarily assume this loathing for our own selves.

Some never admit the darkness within. . . ever blaming parents, environment, missed opportunities, discrimination, the political system, the unfairness of the world. . . and on and on. . . grasping at every external reason for the evil within and ever present in our world. . . Trapped by a cocoon of their own spinning. . . unable to grow beyond the confines of their darkened and finite universe.

Where then is the wellspring of hope? At what exit portal lies our escape? To deny this bully within or to try and hide him behind a facade of nicety, is no solution. A cave dwelling denizen, he does his best work in the darkness. He thrives in secret places. To destroy him, we must take him. . .take him, who is at the most primal level ourselves, on a journey. . . Somewhere over the Rainbow. . .not to follow Dorothy’s Yellow Brick Road, not to seek a false wizard, hiding behind a facade of smoke and mirrors. . . handing out only disappointing trinkets, which hold no power. . .

But in a grace full sweep away from mankind, in the direction of the Son. . .the point source of all hope and illumination. The overwhelming disappointment and unbreechable darkness at one end of the rainbow, gives way to eternal faithfulness, patience, truth, and beauty at the other end. God never grows impatient. He never wearies of well doing. His way is perfect. At the end of the day, no one may point a finger at Him and question His holiness, and righteousness.

Our spiritual journey necessarily begins in a land of darkness. No detailed directions are needed and each seeker, in the path of our present lives, begin the walk towards the light. . . called by God as moths to the light. . .always maintaining the bright horizon before us. . .In our first faltering steps, as babies newly learning to walk we can only dimly discern a glow between the mountains, but as we gain confidence and climb, struggling against the world onward and upward. . . as we continue our journey casting away all and turning our backs upon every obstacle between ourselves and the light until the air becomes rarefied, and the view crystalline blue. . .Standing at the pinnacle, we open ourselves fully to God. Not caring for anything, but our desire to be close to Jesus.

In our lives. . . no chemical intoxication, no celebration of earthly events has equalled the felt joy upon the restoration of God’s Spirit with ours. I say restoration, as this is the existence we were designed and ultimately created. The ripping away of our daily fellowship with God in the Garden of Eden, left a gaping hole within us. . .a void never satisfactorily filled. . .a hunger for love. . . a desperate thirst for security. . . an aching desire for acceptance. . . into which we have shoved drugs, lust, money, seeking personal power, and all manner of earthly possessions to satisfy this need.

Nothing of this world can fill a God shaped hole in our very soul. With mismatched pieces, the hunger and dissatisfaction only grows. . . Give a hungry man a stone to eat. . . it may fill his belly, but it won’t nourish his bones or quench the gnawing pains of need. . .The hunger continues unabated until that which is rich and good and nourishing is attained. . .

And ever has He stood from that day of separation. . . Waiting ptiently, until this day anyway, with open arms. . . hoping against hope that the prodigal son. . . the offspring of His beloved hand formed, God breathed Adam, may once again return home and be restored to daily fellowship.

The journey of the rainbow begins in darkness and clouds, but it leads without fail to the Son. Leave the land of confusion. . .Begin your own quest to find the light. . . Seek His righteousness, and grace and mercy. . . Ride the rainbow and find your pot of gold in the arms of God. . .

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