Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Street Ministry 5-13-10


Terry Wallin and I had a really good night on Middlebury Street last night. I was unable to go Tuesday evening. As it turned out it was a very rainy night and we probably would not have been able to go in any respect. Last night was a beautiful evening. The clouds finally parted after days of rain. It was warm and very windy. It was just a grand evening to be out walking and talking to people.

There are so many empty houses on Middlebury Street this year. It is incredible the number of empty places, many of them boarded up, that were full, many of them with young families last year. I find it a bit sad. Where have these people gone? Hopefully to places offering better opportunities for them. We talked with David this week and stopped for a bit and talked with Ralph, another regular on the street.

One young man toward the end of Middlebury Street wanted to argue with me. Terry Wallin remembered him from the jail. I did not. For some reason he was very emotional. His lips were quivering he was so intense in wanting to engage me in an argument. I refused to be drawn in. I do not believe anything comes of arguments about religion. Either a person has an open heart and is seeking God or they are not. I loved to argue as an atheist, but I wasn't seeking to find God at all. I was seeking to damage or destroy the Christian's faith. . .There was an elderly gentleman sitting along side of him on the steps, who seemed embarrassed and apologetic about the young mans behavior.

I anointed and prayed with another lady in the apartment area, whom I have seen in the jail over the years. There were many people out in the apartments. It was very good to talk with lots of people.

We were almost through the apartments, when I saw a familiar young woman coming out of the door. I just broke out in an ear to ear grin. As I walked up, I asked her, "How long has it been dear? 3 years?." She smiled broadly also, "Yes" she replied. I've seen her and her boyfriend over the years at the apartments. He is in and out of jail. We have prayed for him over the years, both in jail and out of jail.

She told me it was so coincidental, she and her boyfriend (who is currently again in jail), had just been talking about us. He had told her that those guys who come through the neighborhood passing out fliers are really good guys. Apparently he had been at one of our meetings at the jail recently. Her little boy attends either a day care or after school program at St. Vincents church. She wanted her child to have exposure to religion, as she did when she was growing up. He is asking her about God. Wanting to know more. . .she is looking for a church. We talked about Life Tabernacle and its Sunday School. . .and the powerful worship. . .and how the best thing she can do for her child is to foster a relationship with God within him, and to live for God herself. . .She is planning on being at church this Sunday morning. . .

It was just a wonderful evening. Terry and I had a grand time. It felt good to have Terry along with me again. He has had some physical problems that have prevented him from walking with me over the past year or so, but he is fine now. . .It was a great night.

Thank you Lord. . .
Thank you my God. . .

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