Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Neighborhood Prayer 9-23-8

Middlebury Street

Terry Heath and I had a great night tonight.  We prayed and talked to so many people.  This was our last night on Middlebury Street for the year.  It was a great finale night.

Max and Crystal are moving soon.  They have found a place on U.S. 20 in Osceola.  Please pray for them.  They will be at church this coming Sunday.  We stopped and spoke with them and with Melissa and Cecil (the couple they have been living with) for quite a while.  We are making lots of new friends.

We handed out fliers to a group of young men at the apartments.  They were all drinking beer from 40 oz bottles wrapped in paper bags.  One young man just began violently cursing under his breath about the flier when I handed it to him.  I had never seen him before, but his two friends I had seen regularly over the past couple of months.  The one young man in particular was always kind of cocky and kind of smirking at us in scorn when we came through, but he and the other fellow were very obviously much embarrassed at the cursing, etc. and began trying to drown out the cursing with their seemingly sincere and profuse thanks.

One girl was braiding a fellow's hair in the entry way of one of the buildings.  They were just finishing a big joint (marijuana) as we walked up, actually just exhaling the pungent smoke as we handed them the flier.  The girl very much wanted prayer.  The man wanted to have nothing to do with us.  We anointed her and had a very moving time of prayer with her.

There was a whole group of people sitting on several park benches along he side of one of the apartment buildings.  All but one man wanted to be anointed and prayed with in that group.  I'm not sure how many people there were, but rather than being in a hurry about it, Terry and I went down the line and anointed and prayed with each person individually.  There were various requests from one woman who needed deliverance from an evil presence, to those who needed jobs, to a mother whose son in in Elk. Co. jail.  I'm going to see him and take him a Bible tomorrow night.  It was very good.

I ran into four ladies, one of whom was very very pregnant. . . :)  She wants to have her baby tonight!  Her three friends were taking the baby to be for a walk.  They were hoping to walk her into labor.  They wanted prayer.  I poured a liberal amount of anointing oil on the friends hands.  They anointed her belly and prayed for the labor to start soon  for the unborn little boy.  I held her hands as we lifted up a wonderful prayer of blessing and protection on the young one. . .I ran into these same four ladies on two more occasions.  Almost an hour later, I saw them still walking around the block with her hoping to prod the young one into action. . .They were having a good time laughing and carrying on as they encouraged her and emotionally supported her.

Four young boys, maybe 8 to at most 11 years old ran across the street and requested prayer.  It was primarily one of the young boys who wanted prayer for his family.  I poured anointing oil in each of their hands.  Had them sniff the unusual scent of it, rub it on their hands before we joined hands and prayed.  I asked for God to protect them, to help them grow into Godly young men, to put Godly people in their paths, and to keep angels around them as a protection for them.  It was very very sweet.

Just a few houses ahead of that, 3 or 4 young girls from Mary Beck, 2 of them with volley ball uniforms on asked for fliers and Bible verse cards.  One very very sweet young girl, told me she had run from across the street to get one of my fliers.  As I gave her one,  I explained that this would be my last night for the fliers.  This girl almost started crying.  Her face just crumpled.  She was visibly upset, "WHY?"  She cried.  I told her about it getting dark so early and about the weather changing soon, etc.  She was so relieved.  She began to broadly smile.  She thought I was going to quit going to church. . .now it was my turn to nearly weep.  I was very very touched at her concern.  To think that she would care whether I went to church again or not. . .I touched me greatly. . .

Numbers of other people.  I always think of things I should have included a half an hour after sending this little email report. . .It was a grand grand night. . .It's been a tremendous season of ministry on Middlebury Street. . .I won't lie.  I surely will enjoy the rest, but I am also quite sure I will miss all my new friends. . .

Dave Stokely

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Markus Wolff said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences in your blog. Today I stumbled at your blog due to your main verse of 2Co 5:17.

I have been a Christian for a good number of years but the new life has only began to flow out me after I began to understand and believe that I have been (present tense) truly made a new creature (in the spirit) when I was born again. Isn't it great to live in the the liberty to which Christ has made us free?

To be a son or a daughter of the Father is so amazingly awesome!