Thursday, July 3, 2008

Neighborhood prayer walk - 7-3-8

Marion/Harrison Street

Melissa Wolfinger and I walked and prayed tonight. It was a very good night. I have had some other commitments and have missed the walking and flier handouts both last Thursday and the most recent Tuesday.

Cigar Bob was waiting for us. We sat with Bob for close to half an hour. He filled us in on all the neighborhood (and really the entire city) goings on. I'm coming to understand that Bob talks to lots of people and he gets around on his crutch far more than I would ever have guessed. I apologized for not being by to talk with him last Thursday. Bob said, "That's OK. I know. You were out of town. . ." I was very much taken aback at his confident proclamation. I laughed. That was exactly right, but when I asked Bob how he knew, his rheumy old eye sagely peered at me from under his midnight dark sunglasses. He slowly nodded his head and thrust his warped index finger into the air. . . ."He told me." Bob said that God told him that I was out of town. . .I'll not second guess Bob. He is a man of many surprises. . .

On another note, Bob told me that he needs a broom and a sweeper. I'm guessing an upright would be easier for him to manipulate than a canister type, but in any respect, if you have either that you would be able to part with and would be willing to donate to him let me know and I'll help you get them to Bob.

We bought ice cream from the street vendor and gave him (and quite a number of others) Sister Cathy's fliers for the English classes she teaches at the church.

We bought water and visited with the lady shopkeeper and her children.

It was a very very good night. We had a couple stop when they saw us and get out of their car and request prayer. . . more people cross the street and come up to us and want anointing and prayer. . . several come to the door when they saw us and ask for prayer. . .We prayed over numbers of prayer cloths. for jobs, for healings, for financial situations, for businesses to succeed, for unspoken requests. . .

Melissa was very much physically hurting. Her ankle has been injured and re-injured in no small part by her walking in the neighborhoods and praying.. Her knee joints grind together. At some point in the future, if the Lord does not heal her, she will need knee replacement surgery. She has no cartilage. It is very painful for her to walk and yet as much pain as she is in, she loves to walk and hand out fliers and pray with people. . . She has a great boldness about her and is willing to pray with any one at anytime. . .She has just this week found a part time job and has yesterday had an interview for another job. She should find out tomorrow. Please pray for her to get this job.

My other partner, Terry Wallin is likewise afflicted in a number of similar ways. Please pray for Melissa and Terry. They both love the Lord greatly. They are both being tested greatly right now.

It was really a wonderful night. We prayed with so many people. I really missed not doing it for a week. Changes are taking place in the neighborhood. Weedy places are being cleaned up. Things are bing painted that were previously all broken down and neglected. . . .God is on the move. . . .


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